Emily King is the owner of pottsdesign. She’s has a BFA in graphic design from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth. After years in the design field she chose to leave a full-time job to pursue the dream of owning her own business. She now works from home, running pottsdesign, while raising three children with her husband in Franklin, MA.


Decaf or high octane
I wasn’t aware there was a choice—who knew!? With three kids, a very hectic lifestyle and running a business. HIGH TEST. In large quantities please.

What makes a good designer

So, there are lots of opinions on this topic, all of which may have various degrees of validity. Here is my take, and it boils down to this: There is nothing worse than an amazing idea, poorly expressed. In my mind, being a great designer requires three things. First, and probably the most important is the ability to truly listen to the clients needs. It sounds so simple, but honestly, when that step is overlooked, everyone is in for a lot of disappointment. When it is treated as the MOST important aspect of a project— magical results will take place! Secondly, successful designers are strong communicators; both verbally and visually. Often a finished product can be beautifully created, but if it doesn’t convey the intended message or meet its goals, is it really effective? Finally, a great designer knows how to get out of their own way. Design is subjective, and often times as with anything, it’s easy to get attached to an idea or a look. There are endless executions/options to solve a design problem. If your client is not on board with your vision, it’s important to genuinely listen and seek a new execution that will communicate the message with as much (if not more) power than the original concept. If all these things happen (and you have stellar typography) the client will be happy and the designer will been pushed to create some amazing work; everyone wins.

Three things always in my purse
Ridiculous amount of random receipts (not proud of that one), a children’s toy and/or snack, and hopefully chap-stick, if it hasn’t been lost. Again.

Most important lesson for your kids
There are millions of lessons I want to teach my kids. If I had to pick ONE thing, it would simply be; kindness. Dali Lama has some incredible words of simple wisdom. This is one of my favorites, "My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness." - Dali Lama

Philosophy for success
Success means different things to different people, but for me; it’s simple. Be kind, work hard. I think ‘being kind’ is actually the most important. I’ve worked my way from the bottom up and it’s both the journey and the people you meet (and befriend) along the way that support and push you further. Talent is a wonderful gift, but I choose not to work with someone who isn’t kind and generous. Finally, to be successful you sometimes have to “fake-it-until-you-make-it.” I remember being offered a chance to design something WAY outside my wheelhouse. I was sweating bullets at the thought of accepting the project, to the point where I had almost talked myself out of it. In the end I decided to take it on, and was rewarded with the satisfaction of learning something new and delivering a great product. It’s important to remember, the person asking you to move outside your comfort zone has confidence that you are “the one” and that you can do it. It’s hard to stretch yourself sometimes, but in that space is where the greatest growth happens.

Ten word philosophy on motherhood
Love them unconditionally for who THEY are and the rest will come. (Ok, that was twelve words but who’s counting)

Movie that will never get old
Much to my husband’s (gag) delight, we watch Love Actually every Christmas season. It’s not a cinematic masterpiece by any means, but it makes me happy. I’m compared to the girl in the red coat for any Love Actually fans out there.

Secret Obsession

Organizing. The amount of joy I get out of clearing clutter and organizing things as mundane as socks is uncanny, and probably a little unhealthy. A quick tidying to one drawer can quickly expand into a three-day full on whole room re-organization.

Passion outside design
Travel. I wish everyone, myself included, had more time to stop and enjoy life. Seeing something new, different, and exciting is inspiring and can be truly life changing. I didn’t leave the country until my 30’s. If I could have told my 16 year old self anything it would have been, take FULL advantage of getting out and seeing the world! Before life mandates you to be a responsible adult.